Key Figure as of 26.05.2024: ₦2,037,212,594 Transactions and ₦612,774,496 payout so far.

About Dataway, Product/Services and Terminology;

Dataway is a vending platform that offers virtual products such as mobile data/airtime, internet subscriptions, bill payment, electricity, Cable TV, and many more. We also provide earning opportunities to our subscribers with reseller services and affiliate systems + FREE internet data and monthly rewards. 

Dataway product/services, how it works and the benefit;

Dataway vending platform is built for both resellers and subscribers, while we also offer earning opportunities and affordable services to Nigerians.
Anyone can purchase and resell any of our products, including mobile data/airtime and bill payment. We have also set aside a fixed subscription fee of only ₦2,000 one-time membership or monthly renewal for basic and advanced subscribers who wish to gain access to all the benefits offered including affiliate programs and participate in our earning opportunities with the below plan.

To view the summary table of all the basic and advanced features with their benefits, click here

One-time basic membership Subscription cost ₦2,000 only

We offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 2000 megabytes/2GB. At the same time, the person who referred you will get a ₦1,000 referral bonus and a 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus.

This opportunity is also applicable to you if you also choose to promote us and refer more subscribers to us, you will also earn a ₦1,000 referral bonus and 1GB extra data per referral. The more subscriber you referred to us, the more commission and more free data bonuses.

Advanced Monthly Subscription, Renewal Cost ₦2,000 only.

On your renewal for a second-month subscription, we offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 4000 megabyte/4GB and other advanced features, while the person who referred you will get a 1000 megabytes/1GB data bonus. If you also refer a subscriber to us who renews his or her subscription, you will also get a 1GB extra data bonus. The more subscribers you referred to us, the more FREE data bonus monthly.

From 3rd Month Advance Subscription Renewal Cost ₦2,000 only

From your renewal of a third-month subscription and beyond, we offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 6000 megabyte/6GB monthly and other advanced feature benefits as listed on the homepage, which is the actual value for your subscription fee of ₦2,000 monthly. This is more affordable than buying a 6GB VTU data bundle, costing you ₦2500 valid for 30 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to register/subscribe and get started on Dataway?
Subscription is ₦2,000 monthly, to renew is optional, you can register/subscribe and make payment online or purchase a subscription/registration e-pin/coupon code by contacting us from our contact page
You can also contact any of our offices or outlet in your location if you prefer to subscribe offline.
Registration / Subscription link:
Our locations and Contacts:

How long will it take to get data after purchase/request or subscription?
We deliver value instantly after payment confirmation.

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal?
You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

How long will it take to get credited to a bank account after withdrawal?
The payout process is self cashout with instant credit to a bank account. Once you withdraw your earning to your wallet, you can simply transfer to any bank account at any time and get credited..

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?
Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request to any number you wish and it will be credited within few minutes.

What if my subscription expires, can still buy airtime and data + other bill payment?
Yes. You can do other purchases and even refer other subscribers to us.

Is multiple accounts allowed?
Yes, anyone can register multiple accounts as they wish.

Can I register with a different network sim card?
Yes, that is not an issue at all.


Our monthly allocation data is only MTN SME. Members can always resell it and buy any network they wish as the case may be.